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the lore of eazlay ...

... started with two geeks dreaming about making unique, exciting games for all kinds of people. Growing up with arcade classics, fascinated by all those magic worlds bursting with imagination, we wondered how we can put a part of us into that universe. eazlay is the answer and our games are the beginning of your very own lore.

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the eazy play = eazlay

Making gaming eazy with intuitive gameplay is our heart. That’s why we are eazlay. We like to play games and we love to create them. Believing that everyone is born to play we want to engage all folks to enjoy our games and have fun with us. After all, fun is a basic need.

wanna know more about us?

Our games are pieces of our lives and souls, with no place or need for third party investors, target group analytics or any other impersonal and business driven stuff. Developing games with other creative gamers is more life than work to us. It might get nerdy around here!